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Updated: August 3, 2016

We hope you are enjoying your Summer thus far.  We have one dance this month on August 5, and it's our Ice Cream Social Dance.   

Please remember... our special Summer Hours: The dancing starts at 8:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm. No dance lessons happening this month, either on the Friday dance or on Wednesdays.

The weekend of August 19-21 is the Chicagoland Dance Festival where everything is happening... dancing, lessons, competition, pizza, & more.

August 2016 Schedule 

August's Dance:

Friday, August 5 
This is our Summer
"Ice Cream Social" Dance

Dance: 8:00 - 11:00 pm
With DJ Matt Cotherman scooping up and dishing out tonight's dance music.

This is Swing 'n' Country's ever-popular Ice Cream Social Dance.  Free Ice Cream in a variety of flavors for all attendees served up to order and with a smile by the Swing 'n' Country staff. Then, turn it in to whatever you wish with the large selection of toppings available. Yum!

The ice cream alone is worth the price of admission, but then you also get to hit the floor to burn off those calories with the delicious music of Matt Cotherman. 


Swing 'n' Country's
Ice Cream Social


Also in August

The Chicagoland Dance Festival
August 19 - 21

Swing 'n' Country has been a major sponsor of Chicagoland for many years and its operators, Jennifer and Randy Jeffries are the special friends and supporters of the Swing 'n' Country Dance Club. 

Chicagoland is affectionately referred by Jennifer and Randy as their Dance Family Reunion and they would love to have you be a part of it.   So, whether you are a Swing 'n' Country Dance Club member, regular attendee, occasional attendee, or you just happened to chance upon our web site, if you are a friend of ours or just a friend of Country and Western dancing, you are a friend of Jennifer and Randy.  Come out to the Chicagoland Dance Festival and be among friends and fellow dancers and enjoy the festival.

If you are a current Swing 'n' Country member, don't forget you get a discount off the weekend pass.

And to everyone's benefit, don't forget the Friday Night Pizza Party sponsored by the Swing 'n' Country Dance Club.

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