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Last revised: March 7, 2017

March is Two-Step Month with Julie Hein and Don Leynes teaching the Wednesday lessons and on the second Friday Dance.  Liz Gutzwiler gives us a preview on the first Friday Dance of the Hustle that she will be teaching in the month of May.  Also, our second Friday Dance will be a real dance party as it falls on St. Patrick's Day.  March is also Board of Directors nominations month.

March 2017 Schedule 

Wednesday Lessons:

March 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2017 
Two-Step with Julie Hein & Don Leynes
Beginner/Novice Lesson 7:30 - 8:25 pm
Intermediate Lesson 8:35 - 9:30 pm

Two of our most fun-loving teaching duos are back teaching the dance that they are most known for and which they have the most fun at. Laugh, learn, and enjoy your way to a better Two-Step with Julie and Don.

Julie Hein &
Don Leynes


Friday Dance #1:

March 3, 2017 ~ 9:00 pm
Tonight's Pre-Dance Lesson:
Hustle with Liz Gutwiler
Beginner/Novice Lesson at 7:30 pm
Intermediate Lesson at 8:15 pm
Dance: 9:00 pm - Midnight
Ken Dillard is tonight's DJ

Liz Gutzwiler starts the evening off tonight with a pair of Hustle lessons. Liz is the local area's Queen of Hustle and is Swing 'n' Country's Lead Hustle Instructor. It's always a big Friday night whenever Liz kicks it off with the Three-Count Hustle Beat.  Plus, Liz returns in May teaching a full month of Hustle on Wednesdays - Get the preview tonight!

Liz Gutzwiler

Friday Dance #2:    Occurs on St. Patrick's Day !

March 17, 2017 ~ 9:00 pm
Theme: St. Patrick's Day
Tonight's Pre-Dance Lesson:
Two-Step with Julie Hein & Don Leynes
Beginner/Novice Lesson at 7:30 pm
Intermediate Lesson at 8:15 pm
Dance: 9:00 pm - Midnight
April Prince is tonight's Good-Luck DJ
No, that is not April pictured to the right!

Our Wednesday instructors for March, Julie and Don, bring their Two-Step training to the Second Friday Dance for a pair of lessons that will be worth a pot of gold. Tonight we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, so be ready to party like the Irish and be sure to wear something


March 17 is the
St. Patrick's Day



Also, In March

Board of Directors Nominations Month:

Swing 'n' Country is a member-owed club operated by a Board of Directors that is elected by the club's membership to make decisions in their behalf and to represent their interests.  In addition, certain members of the board hold officer positions, which are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  We currently have one completely open board member position.  We also will have come April, the Vice President officer position open and three current board members up for re-election.  If you are a current club member in good standing and would like to be a part of the decision-making process (instead of just voting for those to make decisions for you), please let either of our two current executive officers (Don Moeller, President, or Marcia Emmett, Vice President) know , and they will be happy to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the simple process to be a nominee.


Planning Guide for April 2017

For April, 2017...  It's Cha-Cha Month with Brittany Valdez
Wednesday Lesson: April 5, 12, 19, and 26

Friday Dances: April 7 & 21 ...

April 7 -  Cha-Cha with Brittany Valdez and with 
Matt Cotherman as your DJ.  This dance is Elections Night***

*** April is the month for Board of Directors' elections.  All members present will have the opportunity to vote this evening in accepting the new Board of Directors. 

April 21 - Double Two-Step with Don Leynes and Ken Dillard as your DJ.  This is the club's Anniversary Dance~~~

~~~ Swing 'n' Country celebrates its 23rd Anniversary!  Also, the new Board of Directors officially take over and is introduced to the club.  Finally, there will be cake, a celebration, and we will be taking a club photo.  This is the night to be here.  


Planning Guide for May 2017

For May, 2017...  It's Hustle Month with Liz Gutzwiler
Wednesday Lesson: May 3, 10, 17, and 24

Friday Dances: May 5 & 19
May 5 - 
Hustle with Liz Gutzwiler.  This is Cinco de Mayo Day!  ("The 5th of May")  So, the theme of tonight's dance is exactly that.  Dress accordingly and be ready to party!  Tonight's DJ to be announced.
May 19 - Special Guest Instructor Fred Price in from Arizona to teach West Coast Swing.  Dance theme and tonight's DJ to be announced.

Planning Guide for June 2017

For June, 2017...  Wednesday Lesson starts their Summer Vacation.  
No Wednesday Lessons June through August.  

Friday Dances: June 2 & 16
June 2 - 
Two-Step with Jon Serletic.  Dance theme and tonight's DJ to be announced.
June 16 - Tonight's lesson, the dance theme, and tonight's DJ to be announced. 

Get additional details on our 3-month Calendar covering February through April, 2017. 

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