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Last revised: April 19, 2018
(Updated with changes to the April 20 Dance)

Note:  For those of you who have been waiting, the results of the
2018 election will be announced at the April 20 Dance prior to being published in our newsletter and on this web site.

April 2018

April brings the return of Jeff Mumford teaching West Coast Swing.  Elections of the officers and directors by club members close on the night of the 1st dance.  The 2nd dance is party night, where the election results are announced, your new board of directors is introduced, and we celebrate the club's 24th birthday.  

April 2018 Dance & Lesson Schedule 

Wednesday Lessons:

April 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2018
West Coast Swing with Jeff Mumford
Beginner/Novice Lesson 7:30 - 8:25 pm
Intermediate Lesson 8:35 - 9:30 pm

Mr. "Mumfurious" is back and for a full month of Wednesday lessons with his incredible West Coast Swing.  Jeff is active in the swing circuit dancing, teaching, and competing in west coast swing, and he is here to reveal his secrets.

Students of all levels accepted.  If you have never danced before, never danced WCS before or need more basic training, or just want to refresh yourself on the basics of this dance, the Novice class is for you.  If you are in doubt, start with the novice class.

The intermediate class is for experienced WCS dancers with knowledge of all the basics of the dance, knowledge of most of the basic patterns, and want to advance those skills and learn more complex variations.  Experience in executing left side passes, right side passes, sugar pushes, sugar tucks, whips, baskets, etc. are expected of intermediate students coming into this class.

Jeff Mumford



Friday Dance #1:

Friday, April 6, 2018 
Elections Night and "Easter Parade" 
Tonight's Pre-Dance Lesson:
West Coast Swing with Jeff Mumford
Beg./Novice Lesson at 7:30 pm
Intermediate Lesson at 8:15 pm

Dance: 9:00 pm - Midnight
Matt Cotherman is tonight's DJ

We start tonight off with a pair of West Coast Swing lessons by Jeff Mumford from our Wednesday classes.

Then for the dance, we continue our celebration of Easter.  Look for the signs of Easter throughout the dance and the hospitality table.

Finally, the election of the club's directors and officers close tonight.  Tonight is the last night members have to hand-insert their ballots into the ballot box or to have them postmarked if returning them by mail.

Easter Bunny
reminds you
to vote



Friday Dance #2:

Friday, April 20, 2018 
Swing 'n' Country's 24th Birthday Party
Election Results Announced Tonight
Tonight's Pre-Dance Lesson:
Double Two-Step with 
Don Leynes and Julie Hein

Beginner/Novice Lesson at 7:30 pm
Intermediate Lesson at 8:15 pm

Dance: 9:00 pm - Midnight
Matt Cotherman will be tonight's DJ

That dynamic duo known as Don Leynes & Julie Hein start this big night off with Double Two-Step lessons.

2018 Election Results Tonight


Swing 'n' Country
celebrates its
24th year

The Election Committee has counted the ballots and the results are in, and they will be announcing the results tonight which results in introducing you to your new Board of Directors.  ***

We also will be celebrating the club's 24th Birthday throughout the evening.  Birthday cake will be served in addition to our normal hospitality table.  Help us make tonight a real party night.  A club photo will be taken, and photos and videos will be shot throughout the evening to capture the fun of our 24th birthday party. 

*** Election Results: After tonight's announcement of the election results, they will be posted on this web site and announced in the Happenings Newsletter in accordance with the club bylaws.

Payments Accepted for Dances, Lessons, Memberships, etc.

We want to remind everyone that the only forms of payment accepted for all Swing 'n' Country transactions is cash or check.  This includes Membership Fees, Dances, and Lessons.  >>> We do not accept credit or debit cards.  



Club Business

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

The April board of directors meeting is Monday, April 23, 2018 at the Olive Garden, 1925 E. Golf Rd., Schaumburg, IL.  This is the annual transition meeting as specified in club bylaws, involving the departure of the old board and welcoming of the new board.  This special meeting, which is primarily a social event, is not open to general club members.  Our club president has assured that no significant topics or issues will be undertaken and that no significant decisions will be made at this meeting.  Anything of significance will be deferred to the May meeting, which will then be undertaken by the new board of directors.  Members are welcome to that meeting, of which its announcement will be posted in the May update.  The only items scheduled on the agenda for the April 20 meeting will be review and possible approval of the March meeting minutes and March Treasurer's report, both of which will appear in the March minutes to be available on this web site upon approval.


Annual Financial Report:  (Members Only)

Swing 'n' Country's 2017 Financial Reports were submitted by the club treasurer and approved by the board of directors on February 26, 2018.  In accordance with section V.2.D of the club's bylaws, these reports are available to any club member upon request.  To receive a copy, contact club treasure, Gary LaForte by email ( or phone (630-728-1605).


Planning Guide for May 2018

Wednesday Lessons: May 2, 9, 16, & 23, 2018
Cha-Cha with Rachel Mercedes

Friday Dances: May 4 and 18, 2018

May 4 -  
Lesson: Cha-Cha with Rachel Mercedes
Ken Dillard will be tonight's DJ
Theme: Cinco de' Mayo

May 18 - 
Lesson: West Coast Swing with Nancy Tuzzolino
April Prince will be tonight's DJ
Theme: May Flowers

Planning Guide for June 2018

Wednesday Lessons: Wednesday Lessons start Summer Vacation
No Wednesday Lessons from June through August. 
See you in September.

Friday Dances: June 1 and 15, 2018

June 1 -  
Lesson: Two-Step with Don M.
Ken Dillard will be tonight's DJ
Theme: To Be Announced

June 15 - 
Lesson: - Night-Club Two-Step with Eric Nava
Final lesson until September!
Matt Cotherman will be tonight's DJ
Theme: To Be Announced

Contact us by emailing the entire board of directors: