Swing n Country 2018 Election Results


Thank you to all those members who took part in this election by submitting your votes. Here are the results as released by the 2018 election committee consisting of then Vice President, Don Moeller, and club members Bob Kowal and Cindy Wilkans.

Elected to the board of directors by majority vote were


Marcia Emmett vice president/president elect (elected to two-year term)

Gary LaForte treasurer (elected to two-year term)

Donna Gargiulo secretary (elected to one-year term)

Directors: (in alphabetical order)

Karen Capria director (elected to two-year term)

Ingrid Dubman director (elected to two-year term)

Fredereike Moskal director (elected to two-year term)

Leah Noparstak director (elected to two-year term)

Karen Saunders director (elected to two-year term)

They join the following current board of directors still in term

Don Moeller president (moved from vice president) (term ends 2019)

Dan Brabec director (term ends 2019)

Lou Chatroop director (term ends 2019)

Meet Your 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Board of Directors Web Page:

For further details about the board of directors, with individual photos and contact information, please visit the

Swing n Country Board of Directors Web Page

Election Details:

If you would like to know the details of how this election was conducted, please visit the following:

 2018 Swing n Country Election Details Web Page


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