A number of committees exist to make our club run more efficiently by assigning certain key operations and important functions to various teams where the day-to-day operations that they are responsible for are handled.  All committees report to the Board of Directors where all major committee decisions that affect the club are reviewed and approved. 

If you would like to assist on or join any committee, contact any board member

Committees are listed in alphabetical order by committee name.

Committee members are listed chairperson first followed by the remaining members in alphabetical last name, first name order.

Audit: Gary LaForte  (Chairperson)
Ingrid Dudman
Marcia Emmett
Dance Camp: Leah Noparstak  (Chairperson)
Ingrid Dubman
Marcia Emmett
Susan Grupp
Vivian Hahn  (registration)
Jerry Kieras
Don Moeller
Tobi Oberman
April Prince  (marketing)
Don Schanaberger
Jen Schanaberger
Decorations: Ingrid Dubman  (Chairperson)
Marla Rohlfing
Karen Saunders
Education: Ingrid Dubman  (Chairperson)
Marcia Emmett
Leah Noparstak
Happenings: Lou Chatroop  (Chairperson)
Holiday Dance: Ingrid Dubman  (Chairperson)
Karen Saunders
Hospitality: Karen Saunders  (Chairperson)
Life Membership: Leah Noparstak  (Chairperson)
Marketing: Lou Chatroop  (Chairperson)
Karen Capria (facebook)
Leah Noparstak  (fliers/calendar)
Music: April Prince  (Chairperson)
Susie Kaplan
Leah Noparstak  
Operations: Marcia Emmett  (Chairperson)
Dan Brabec
Don Moeller
Secretary: Susie Kaplan  (Chairperson/Secretary)
Leah Noparstak  
Volunteers: Reike Moskel  (Chairperson)